December 7th 2015 | Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

Review of Last Year


We were delighted to welcome the following speakers last year:

  • Alex Salmond MSP
  • Sir Peter Housden
  • Caroline Gardner
  • Pat Armstrong
  • Gavin Hastings
  • John Seddon
  • Johanna Boyd
  • Peter Russian
  • Dr Simon Petrie
  • Dr Ian Elliott
  • Dr Deborah Benson
  • Paul Foweather



Topics covered included:

Shared leadership – better than no leadership

Ethics in leadership – there are followers too you know!

The forgiving leader

Leadership in the digital age

The financial challenge – grasping the nettle of life

Equality and Diversity  - tackling ingrained thinking

Building a ‘leadership culture’

Public and private – challenging and changing perceptions

Progressive leadership – getting people out of their entrenched positions 



Delegates from last year included:

  • Chief Officer
  • Director
  • Chief Executive
  • College Principal
  • Principal Private Secretary
  • Heads of Departments
  • Government Relations Manager
  • Policy Manager
  • Head of Practice
  • Solicitor
  • Senior Accountant
  • Communications and Engagement Officer