December 7th 2015 | Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

About the event

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Leadership Inside

Effective and enabling leadership amongst managers is a profoundly important part of delivering good public services.

Looking ahead, the real challenge for leaders is managing public sector reform. There is a long road ahead. Hard decisions are having to be made. A faltering economic recovery, ageing population, ambitious integration programmes and increasing demand on services are all set against the backdrop of ongoing austerity measures from the centre.

The need for innovative, inspirational leadership is at a premium.

Furthermore, traditional hierarchies are slowly dissolving. There are strong currents at work devolving power away from the centre to localities. This presents significant challenges, and opportunities. For some leaders, it is about effectively ‘letting go’ of responsibilities; for others, it is about taking on greater responsibility and accountability.

In the evening, in conjunction with the Scottish Parliament, we will once again be hosting an awards ceremony to recognise the best leadership examples from across Scotland. We look forward to you joining us.